REVISION: 12/02/2010 - The overclocking hack doesn't actually work. What is does show is that an HTC Magic set to 528MHz and running a lean, mean a nice, fast phone. 

REVISION: 08/02/2010 22:12

These simple steps let you make the current version of Cyanogen Mod do the normal range of CPU frequencies making 550MHz the top speed instead of 528MHz. 

UPDATE 09/02/2010: Various devs are now playing with kernels that can scale up to as high as 780MHz - if required. I'd expect to see some ROMs based on these mods in the next few days. Apparently the phones don't heat up more than usual...thought it is able to run really fast when loads require it. Interesting. 

From XDA-Developers

How-to for Cyanogen Mod v4.2.14.1:
1. Download Pershoot's kernel image and place it on SD card 
2. Download and Install CoolBHO's SetCPU app (from Android Market)
3. Download custom setcpu.txt and place it on SD card (This is a text file containing the frequency settings ONLY (no quotes): "128000,245760,384000,550000"
(SetCPU looks for a "setcpu.txt" in the root of the sdcard on startup or when you choose "Custom" on the device settings menu  - > It's at the bottom )
4. Boot into recovery and flash Pershoot's kernel image
5. Open SetCPU, Allow SU Request, and scroll down to Custom Frequency Config
6. Have fun!

I've done this on my phone and it works perfectly. 

Old post follows. I recommend the above. The version of CM below is several months old and missing some function - like camera, camcorder and gallery. 


I just downloaded "" and I'm flashing it on one my my HTC Magic phones.  

It's Cyanogen Mod v4.2.3.1 modded by Eugene373 to include a kernel he has devised over the past few weeks  that can run at 550MHz and be stable. It appears to work. Higher speeds did not work. He was trying for 576MHz...but no. 

(HTC Magic 32B from Vodafone)

Completely wiped phone. (sdcard untouched and intact, of course...) 

- Got first splash screen
- Got CM boot animation rolling 
- Phone came up fine but for minor confusion about which task would take the Google sign-in. Picked one. 
- 3G works. wifi works. Bluetooth works. Sound works. All good. 

- Start "SetCPU" from App Drawer and choose "Motorola" profile instead of G1 / Dream / Magic / Sapphire. 
- Set Max CPU speed to 550MHz. 
- set up profiles for standby / charging, etc. Set to "on demand" and "Set at boot"
- change battery state by plugging in (or unplugging) to make changed profiles take effect. 

Usual top clock speed is 528MHz. Now it's 550Mhz. A wee boost. Seems to work great. You can see the extra speed. 

Overclocked HTC Magic