There is an auction on TradeMe for an "LG-GW620". Strictly speaking, that model number is the GSM/Vodafone version, and the LG-GW620f is the GSM/Telecom version. I'm assuming they just were being slack about the version number, though it may well be the wrong phone entirely. 

If this is actually the LG-GW620f, then how is it they appear on TradeMe so soon and at such a large discount?

We saw this with the HTC Magic as well, though in that case I could see a store signing someone up for a "Smart80" plan - or whatever - for an entirely different phone and having to sell the HTC Magic that came with it, but which they didn't want. They just wanted access to the plan.

But what's the deal with the Telecom phone? $699 new from TNZ...and $500 on TradeMe.

The seller says it is an unwanted "gift" (their quotes). Same story? To get access to a special plan?  

Here's the link: