I have a shiny new phone.  I also have a shiny new girlfriend.  I adore them both.  But she has an iPhone 3GS and Skype (video on her comp). (I know, its awful)  And although my Galaxy rocks, it doesn't rock when things don't work.  The humiliation is too much to bear.  So can someone help me urgently!  Don't make me choose between phone and girlfriend.

Has anyone else tried to use Skype on the Galaxy.  Fring has disabled Skype, or Skype has disabled Fring.  Skype hasn't been released for Android generally (at least not for the Galaxy here in NZ).  Only option seems to be Nimbuzz.  Nimbuzz works for facebook etc, but won't connect to Skype account at all.  I get an error message "Status: You have been disconnected. Please try a...".  I have tried with WiFi on and with it off.  Same result.  Have also tried restarting and reinstalling.  No change.

One other thing.  When I try a video call on the phone normally (I don't know anyone to call with the phone but just tried any number), I get an error message: "Out of 3G coverage."  Which I suspect relates to my phone rather than the receiving phone.  I'm in Auckland so I'm definitely on 3G.  So I'm wondering if vodafone is correctly reporting 3G connection on the Galaxy S?  Just a thought.

Does anyone have any ideas?  This is a desperate situation.

Has anyone got this working, or is this just me?