I have a Motorola Defy running Android 2.1 (till the upgrade due in Q2) on the Vodafone network.

Mostly the phone does exactly what I want when I want and all that.

But recently I have been getting regualar "Network Connection Error" messages when trying to access Yahoo, this is mostly over the 3G but sometimes over the home Wi-Fi.

Do my educated peers think this is:

- 'just the way it goes' with hand-held mobile devices? Be happy you get mobile email, when I was a boy...
- "An Android (Google) doesn't like Yahoo!" thing best solved by going through the pain of changing all my contacts to my Gmail account?
- A 'Vodafone' thing, with things much better on 2 Degrees et al?   
- Or something completely different?

Anybody else have issues like this?

Kind regards,