I want to tell you about my new Rom which offers blazing fast performance, SIP over wifi and 3g and staggering battery duration.

I have tried them all lately. Cyanogenmod 7, Insanity 014 (cm7) Miui 1.6.3 and the international Miui (both also CM7). Plus all the variations on stock JVH/JVP  Roms on XDA.

I then tried Romkitchen.org and using it rolled my own rom with Touchwiz 4, and all the useful tools available with that mod. I then flashed a theme by JKay - see  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1037157

JKay had kindly updated the themes resources for JVP themes to enable SIP over wifi and 3g. Don't forget to choose a JVP theme if you use JVP in Romkitchen


You must be on some form of Gingerbread Rom with bootloaders.  You must be able to get into download mode. 

I used Ficeto's Rom to start, which you can get http://www.multiupload.com/PFPFZYNA6N . I flashed it with Hiemdall which does not brick phones like Odin does (I have bricked two requiring the resistor modified connector to get them back). For Hiemdall you must totally unpack the archive (use winrar for that). You can then put each part in the appropriate Heimdall slot. Its easy. Don't forget to use the .pit file and select repartition

Assuming you don't stay with Ficeto, go to Romkitchen.org  and start cooking! 

Select Galaxy and go to generator. Under Base Rom choose JVP, and wipe or no wipe (that's up to you). 
Under Kernel choose the Chainfire kernel (havent tried the Talon one yet). For those who like Kernel flashing they all work but you are back to Hiemdall to get rid of Tegrak. There is a convenient kernel flashing tool in the apps. Remember , backup first!

IMPORTANT. Under Modem choose BUJP5 if you are Vodafone. I'm not sure which for Telecom.
Under apps choose as many as you want. Pull in all the utilities for now. Under themes choose JVP stock


Download the following from my server:

http://www.bitstream.co.nz/samsung/gps.conf (right click and save as)


If you are using Touchwiz 4, try upgrading to the better modded one http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=13435895&postcount=1

Im sorry the VNZ.rar is not an installable zipfile.  Unpack it and copy the VNZ folder to the phone.

Put the resultant zips on the phone and then reboot to clockwork mod by pressing up-home-on in the usual manner. Slect install zip from sd card and navigate to the zip and install away. Install the generated file first and reboot. Dont bother to set the phone up.

Install Supermanager from market. Enable root on it and them copy the VNZ folder to /system/csc. 
Use Nitrality tools set set the csc to VNZ. The phone will reboot and after that you can set it up.

Once all is good use Quickboot to go to recover and make a backup. Then you can apply the new JKay theme (or any other JVP theme) zipfile. Occasionally this seems to break some apps and you will have to restore the backup. 

Once all is good then do the following if you want great battery duration: 

Install the CFroot addon (http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=591080&d=1304947623) and use it to select conservative cpu governing. You might also select to change to ext4 lagfix if you want. With that I get Quadrant 2500 after a couple of runs before changing the cpu governing

Install Juice Defender. Its great. One caveat is that when you use sip (available under settings/call settings/Internet call settings if you flash a JKay or similar theme) you wont be able to receive calls when the screen is blacked as data is them turned off to save energy unless downloads are in progress.

Sit back and marvel how your phone does not drain the battery when you are not using it!! I get at least a day and a half now even when I use it a lot. I even went to bed with it nearly flat and when I got up it was still nearly flat, maybe 1% down.

If you want far better gps in New Zealand, use Super manager to copy gps.conf to /system/etc/ replacing the old gps.conf. Reboot.

I will post my rom if you want.