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#91405 12-Oct-2011 22:10
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Hey all,

I'm sure there has been multiple threads like this one in the past but I'm looking at buying a new phone in the next 2 - 4 weeks and originally I was set on Android because of its popularity aswell as currently having an HTC Wildfire which I really love, but recently after watching a few videos on phones running WP7 I'm thinking I might look more into that side of the market aswell. One of the things that really started getting me thinking about going for WP7 is that, from videos, the user experience seems to look a lot more smooth and fluid than Android which can often slow down quite a bit and take a while to open apps.

Preferable specs are as follows:
- The more powerful the better (This is one of the things that puts me off WP7 atm seeing as they currently have no dual core phones available)
- Preferably a screen size between 4-5 inches
- Thickness isnt much of an issue as long as the phone still looks nice
- Unless someone knows of any exceptional other phones I'll likely be going with an HTC phone either way
- I'm not a fan of plasticy phones (One of the reasons why I really like HTC)

As for what I'll mainly be using it for:
- General phone tasks (I'm a big texter but hardly ever make calls)
- Music and videos (one of the reasons why I want a large screen)
- Web browsing
- Games, I've heard that the WP7 marketplace has a lot of great games?
- GPS navigation

Also I've noticed that the few WP7 phones that I have looked at don't have micro sd card slots? Whats with that?
But yea, the main phones I'm thinking about atm are either the HTC Sensation or HTC Titan and possibly Samsung's Nexus Prime if that gets released soon (apparently its getting announced on the 19th now).

As I only have experience with Android it'd be great if some of you guys out there who have experience with WP7 let me know what you think of it, how does it compare to Android and which OS is better for what?

Thanks :)  

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  #532568 12-Oct-2011 22:21
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I've only met one person with a W7 phone, a girl who wasn't hugely technical. She loved it to bits.

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  #532569 12-Oct-2011 22:25
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Havent played around with Android thoroughly but can speak for WP7

The reason for WP7 more meager specs is that there is no need for high-end specs when all the devices run on 1 of 3 chipsets all made by Qualcomm, making optimisation and such very easy and the UI very smooth. Dual core WP7 likely wont be coming until this time next year

WP7 is known for a great media platform with zune on the phone (still hate the PC version, find myself going back to itunes) and a smooth browser. Personally the WP7 browser is a lot smoother than what I found on the HTC ChaCha while both phones have similar specs.
As for games... ehh... WP7 has xbox live games and achievements, graphically and numbers wise Android wins by a fair bet.

Most of them actually do have microSD slots, they are just hidden behind a few "warranty void" stickers. Im not exactly why Microsoft make them do this. Its actually one of the biggest downfalls of WP7 IMHO, marketing a media phone that has 16GB of memory is plain stupid.

Since you seem pretty keen on music and videos 8/16GB really isnt going to cut it for you? That alone forces you onto Android


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  #532571 12-Oct-2011 22:28
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There are a few new Windows Phone coming out in the next month or so, and you can currently get the HTC Titan and HTC Radar from overseas.

I'd recommend you wait. It's a good system, and yes great games that integrated with Xbox.

For SMS users it's quite nice. The touch keyboard is very accurate, with great suggestions and auto correction.

You can have a lot of integration out of the box - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Exchange, Google Mail, Yahoo! and you can create many unified inbox that will show your emails, folders in any combination you want.

You can start a conversation with someone via SMS, when the person comes online on Facebook it switches to that, and if the person goes offline from Facebook but comes on Messeger the messages will follow. If they go completely offline it goes back to SMS. Very handy, and all in a single view.



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  #532573 12-Oct-2011 22:33
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Windows Phone OS does not needs dual core CPU or 1GB RAM to run smoothly. Even with the current generation WP7 which are only 1GHz and 512MB RAM, it's screaming fast and fluid to operate. The newer generation 'mango' Windows Phone have faster and newer generation CPU. Seems like you are an HTC fanboy and from your requirements, the new HTC Titan is best suited for you.

1.5GHz single core CPU
4.7 SLCD Screen
8MP camera with 28mm lens, f/2.2 aperture
1.3MP front facing camera
16GB Storage
It will work on all 3 NZ mobile networks.
The back is metal and it's a very sold build.

Go WP7! Don't have to worry about running task killers/managers, terrible battery life unlike Android. As for GPS navigation, the only good app I have found is $7.49 in the marketplace and it's online maps. The only offline maps app is Navigon but they only have maps for US and Europe so far.

Do whatever you want to do man.



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  #532575 12-Oct-2011 22:40
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Thanks for the replies guys.
Haha all of this new information only seems to be making this decision more difficult.
I really like that idea of message switching.

P1n3apqlExpr3ss, what exactly do you mean by "hidden behind a few "warranty void" stickers"?

Oh another thing, I live in Whangarei and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are any stores such as Vodafone/DSE/ Telecom etc that commonly have a phone running WP7 on display as if I did end up going for WP7 I'd like to be able to have a play around with one first.

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  #532576 12-Oct-2011 22:49
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Here's an example of the SD Card replace on the Trophy. It's not for the weak souled.

Edit: Why the hell did I hit submit, anyway...

I love WP7, it feels much better than iOS and Android. You do get less customization and no Wi-Fi tethering (on most current models - yet) the UI just works well.

If your near a large Vodafone shop wander in and see if they have a HTC Trophy on display. You really need to try the UI on both phones to see which you prefer. 

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  #532585 12-Oct-2011 23:10
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Ah I see what you mean now, hmm that is very strange... you think theyd at least sell models of each phone with different memory capacities instead of just wit some of them if Microsoft insist on doing it that way.
Oh btw can someone tell me what the main updates were with WP7 Mango and also if anyone has heard if MS is planning on bringing Windows 8 to smartphones when its released seeing as they're releasing the ARM version?

Hmm yea, I'm quite keen to have a play with WP7 now as I've never really had much interest in it till lately.


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  #532589 12-Oct-2011 23:17
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Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 will share an ecosystem much like iPad and iPhone. Windows 8 will also run Windows 7 style exe programs too.

Microsoft specifically forbid any WP7 models from having accessible SD cards because the ones inside the phones are of a special grade. People replacing them tend to feel a decrease in performance. Though some card models are known to work perfectly .

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  #532600 12-Oct-2011 23:54
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RealityClash: Oh another thing, I live in Whangarei and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are any stores such as Vodafone/DSE/ Telecom etc that commonly have a phone running WP7 on display as if I did end up going for WP7 I'd like to be able to have a play around with one first.

do you know anyone that works for microsoft?  they pretty much all carry them.

if you're heading to AKL any time soon i'd be happy to show you around mine if i can spare the time.


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  #532604 13-Oct-2011 00:05
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Silly Microsoft, seems kinda strange that they even bothered using SD cards in any of the phones if they weren't designed to be user accessible.

No I don't sadly, wish I did haha.
Oh thanks for the offer, if I do end up coming down sometime soon and I haven't yet bought a new phone I'll send you a PM :)

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  #532645 13-Oct-2011 07:45
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Is WP7 navigation is good/the same as what comes on Android? I mean I don't use Navigon all that much, but definitely use Google maps/GPS to track myself when I need to.

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  #532690 13-Oct-2011 09:44
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Go WP7! Don't have to worry about running task killers/managers, terrible battery life unlike Android.

This is an unfair comparison. Android is not designed to work with task killers and you should not use them. Therefore with Android you "Don't have to worry about running task killers/managers" either.

The only reason task killers are available for Android is that anyone can code anything for Android and put it on the market.

The only poor user experience that comes from task killers are caused by using a task killer.

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  #532692 13-Oct-2011 09:52
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billgates: Windows Phone OS does not needs dual core CPU or 1GB RAM to run smoothly. Even with the current generation WP7 which are only 1GHz and 512MB RAM, it's screaming fast and fluid to operate. The newer generation 'mango' Windows Phone have faster and newer generation CPU.

It may not need a dual core cpu to operate smoothly, but this is geekzone. The majority of people on here will want to make the most of their technology and push it to it's limits, just because you can.

I have a Nexus One that runs pefectly well with a single core 1ghz processor, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want a dual core processor just to see what I can make it do.

The iPhone 4 only has a single core processor, it runs perfectly well too. The iPhone 4S has a dual core processor. The OS does not require it, as it already operates fine as it is. That is no reason to not make it run even better.

Symbian is an even more clear example than WP7 of not needing high clock speed processors to make it run well. I have used an N8 and it keeps up reasonably well with other brands with 1ghz processors. The OS does not require it, just like WP7. That is no reason to not include better hardware.

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  #532695 13-Oct-2011 09:56
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I feel I have to defend the SD card thing here. Microsoft demands that hardware vendors use the highest quality cards around. Most commercially available cards have far slower read/write capabilities and as such slow the phone to a crawl. Buying a random 16GB card you have a 90% chance (looking at the list quickly) of turning your fast WP7 into an iPhone 3G running iOS4.0 (yes it's that bad).

Bing map navigation is actually very good IMO. It is capable of performing the basic turn by turn navigation with voice prompts. I don't think it has (I didn't see it) speed signs etc but it will work for those happy not to pay $50 for Navigon (if it ever comes here).

If your in CHCH you could come play with my WP7.  

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  #532707 13-Oct-2011 10:09
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My vote, based on my experiances, is that android is currently the better proposition.

At the end of the day, I simply did not like the interface on the Windows Phone 7 devices that I have used (primarily the LG Optimus 7Q).  Hard to say really, but I just found it frustrating to use.  Admittedly I didn't have it as long as I would have liked, so it may have grown on me, but compared to Android I find it to be really annoying.

Android on the other hand is great.  I can customise it as much as I like, and for me it is much more logical, much more simple to use.  Maybe I should call it a more 'traditional' OS.

As for HTC's, the Sensation is one that I have had a fair bit of a play with.  Not quite up with the Galaxy S2 spec wise. but the Sense UI on it is quite cool, and it would be perfectly fast for most things.  At the end of the day though, your best bet is to have a play as it really comes down to personal preferences.

One question:  Are you looking at buying the device outright or going onto a plan?  Telecom are doing a deal with a free Sensation on a 24 month plan at the moment if you are looking that way.  If buying outright then you have many more options for devices.

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