Hey Guys

I recently purchased a Motorola Atrix 4G with Lapdock from a duty free store in Dubai.

I've got the UK version of the Atrix, not the US version, it's a pretty amazing phone so far, however being an import, I've had a few issues with it.

Initially it shipped with Froyo as default. I would send people SMS and they would recieve it just fine, but incoming SMS messages were delayed by a minimum of 6 hours if they and more often then not, would simply not come through. I tried everything I could think of and everything google could provide me with. Eventually i fixed the problem with the OTA update to Gingerbread.

The SMS problem being solved, a new one occurred. I can't access the internet on my phone anymore.

I'm with Vodafone, the account has not changed, I wiped the old APNs (which I got from the vodafone website's OTA service) and replaced them with the details from the APN sticky on this forum. They didn't work so I reverted back to the vodafone automatic APN details. Again no joy. 

I can't find any info on similar cases in NZ and the cases of internet not working overseas seems to mainly be account issues caused by AT and T being rubbish.

Anybody have any experience with this type of issue or any advice on how I might fix it?