SO I managed to score a ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFi board, decided to put this with a nice shiny new E8400, 4gb DDR2-800 and 2x 320gb Seagate drives in a RAID0 stripe set (128k stripe).

Now I figured this would be a big upgrade from my old AMD 5200+ X2 system (same RAM, HDD's, RAID set etc, just different mobo/cpu)....

But I am wrong, I hardly notice a difference at all, I'm running Windows 7 RC1. it just doesn't feel that fast, and when accessing the hard drive it seems real held up by it as if it were a huge bottle neck.

The other thing is the board set to auto for the CPU settings thinks its a 2.4ghz, yet I'm running latest BIOS which is supposed to support it according to ASUS website.
After doing some reading, turns out you have to manually set the FSB to 333 and DDR2-667 for the memory this brings it to a 1:1 ratio.

That works fine, I get my 3ghz. Still not fast though?

SO I decided I wanted my DDR2-800 to actually run at 800.. I set it to DDR2-833 (thats the next one up from DDR2-667) and it just bluescreens like a b1tch constantly. I even tried upping the voltage to 1.9 and 1.95, no difference.

Yet in my old AMD board I had the CPU running about 40mhz more on the FSB with no issue and the RAM I manged to get up close to DDR2-1066 passing perfectly in MemTest86+...

So is my motherboard just too old and crap? If I should be getting a new one, whats the best one perfomance wise without breaking the bank?? and gigabyte boards are out of the question, they seem to be rubbish.

Cheers for the help