Some of the Geekzone bloggers have asked for the ability to deliver and manage advertising through their Geekzone Blog. This is now released for all to use and I am sure will please the crowd.

The idea came out because some of the Geekzone Blogs have a large readership and some companies have shown interest in advertise to specific market segments.

It's simple to use: create or manage and adverts, create or manage a List and its contents and we take care of the rest. You can specify size, geo target (specific country or all countries), maximum number of impressions, maximum number of clicks, start date, end date and weight. You can even pause the ad delivery during a certain period.

The ads and rates are negotiated directly between the blogger and the companies, and we don't take any participation on this operation.

Conditions for the Google AdSense banner, Google AdSense AdLink, Amazon links and Amazon Omakase do not change.